Creative ZEN M300: A Non-iPod Nano

Illustration for article titled Creative ZEN M300: A Non-iPod Nano

Secretly want an iPod nano, but loathe Apple/iTunes/iPods/yourself? Creative's ZEN M300 is like a slightly jumbo-er nano—but it plays video, has a microSD card slot, is Bluetooth-y and doesn't force you to use a thumbnail-sized touchscreen.

What matters most, though, is that it isn't made by Apple, right? Out in June, it starts at $50 for 4GB, and goes up to $90 for 16GB. [Creative via Wired]

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Hows that for a reminder that iPod prices are still way overinflated? Compare just about any PMP out there with the iPod line and that's usually the case. Maybe excepting the Touch, I dunno, but some Android based PMP's are starting to make their way to the market.

Even knowing that, I usually opt for iPods just because I'm already a user of docks, fm transmitters, etc that are only compatible with iPod. Curse this prison of my own choosing!