Creepy Teachers Using Facebook to Do Creepy Things

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"This is sexy" is not a comment a teacher should post on a student's Facebook photo. But that's what Chadwin Reynolds allegedly wrote on a photo posted by one of a half dozen female students he friended on Facebook.

The New York Post reports that the Department of Education in New York City has fired at least three teachers in the last six months for doing creepy things with students on Facebook. Reynolds, pictured in that classy Hustler t-shirt, also supposedly sent one girl flowers, candy and teddy bear to try to get her to go out with him. (Which he denies, but the DOE still says it's why they fired him.)

One of the other teachers, Laurie Hirsch, posted a photo of herself kissing an 18-year-old former student on Facebook, which prompted the investigation that allegedly got her fired. And then there's substitute teacher Stephen D'Andrill, who friended several female students, telling at least one girl she was pretty and another that her "boyfriend [did not] deserve a beautiful girl like you."

Moral of the story: Don't friend your teacher. And teachers, don't friend your students. They don't want to be your friend, anyway. [NY Post via Daily Intel]