Cropsey: The Bogeyman Is Real

Tonight's streaming pick is a rarity: a movie that's both scary and real. Cropsey is a documentary about a murderous urban legend that's not quiiiiiiite so much of a legend.


What's it about?

Cropsey digs into a childhood bogeyman in suburban Staten Island, orbiting around a real life bogeyman: Andre Rand, who kidnapped a bunch of kids in the 70s after working in a secluded, rundown hospital for the insane. Real life creepy!


Who's in it?

A bunch of people from Staten Island.

Why do we like it?

Cropsey is one hell of a spooky flick, and the fact that you can't say to yourself Oh, it's just a movie really turns the screw. The footage is unsettling, the interviews are tense, and it'll make you want to stay out of the woods (and perhaps all of Staten Island) for a little while. It's a fascinating story most people have no idea about—so what's better than education and terror?

Cropsey (2009), 84 minutes — Hulu, Netflix

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SW THIS YEARS AGO IN THE 70'S it was super creepy then, maybe still is....very cool!!!