Crosley Revolution Portable Turntable Brings Vinyl on the Road

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Crosley's cool-looking portable turntable, the Revolution, is designed, oddly enough, for portable use. It runs on batteries, has a headphone jack, and is about as small as a turntable can get. Suck it, iPhone!

I really like the design of the Revolution; it's not necessarily practical (and of course, serious vinyl fans will blanch—blanch!—at the unprotected record) but it's definitely tiny and the price is right—only $150. It runs on battery power (they'll probably go with rechargeable AA) or AC, has a USB out and a 3.5mm headphone jack (no RCA-out). It's not really meant for your entertainment console, hooked up to a real stereo, but for a bedroom turntable it sounds really great. It also will feature software (probably made by a veeeery interesting partner that I'm not at liberty to name) that will identify and tag your vinyl-to-digital rips. The Revolution should be available in mid- to late-summer, for $150, in black at first and then in a variety of colors. [Crosley]