Following a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the first series, Espionage Cosmetics returns to offer 'Level 2' for their range of Nail Art designs inspired by all things nerd - including new licensed designs. Here's what to expect from them if they succeed:

Our basic goal will cover 12 different designs of nail wraps to be made, packaged, and shipped. These designs include original, nerd-inspired Espionage designs, as well as LICENSED, EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS from your favorite fandoms.

But wait… there's MOAR! WHEN we hit our stretch goals, you get even MOAR DESIGNS to choose from, AND your choice of finishes (glitter, non-glitter, etc.), AND new rewards at designated levels for EVERYONE.

Sssssh: Secret plan for domination via bada$$ beauty accessories continues. WHEN we hit our goals, you're also contributing to the next phase of nerd make-up domination. In 2015, this project will have funded the beginning development of HEAT-REACTIVE, HOLOGRAPHIC & MIRROR PRINT NAILS. Because each of those MUST be a thing.


A $10 pledge will net you a Nailed it! Ambassador sticker as well as one random set of nail wraps - a $50 pledge gets you 6 random sets of wraps, as well as a Goodie bag containing a sticker, a button and a Nail wrap humidor.

Concrete Martians Part 2

The next in a series from writer Mitch Cook and artist Keith Grachow inspired by the fateful 1938 radio play of The War of the Worlds. What happens when a small town in Washington takes the broadcast a little too seriously?

Most, if not all of the town's people felt understandably embarrassed and went on to live their lives. However what happened on that day was never fully documented, and that's where our story takes us. This story is to be presented in two installments (52 pages total) but can be combined into one graphic novel. It isn't a terribly long story as the events take place in a matter of hours and just one stormy night.


$5 will get you a digital copy of the second instalment, whilst $20 will get you a print copy.



This stop-motion short film is a heartbreaking look at loneliness in space, when an Astronaut's supposed 2-decade mission turns into a 50 year-long trip through space.

The story of Capsule will be told using traditional stop-motion techniques and in-camera special effects. No green screen. No CG characters or backgrounds. Everything you see will have been built by hand and animated frame-by-frame in front of an actual camera. It's not that we dislike modern effects, some of them are truly astounding and require as much attention to detail as any stop-motion film, but the story of Capsule is best told in this format. The hand-touched nature and composition of each shot will be a reflection of the care Howard has for his mission, and the painstaking level of attention he has given it.


A $15 pledge gets you a digital sticker (I am honestly not entirely sure how that works, but there you go), a thank you tweet and a digital copy of the film.

Spirit of 77 - a Funky 1970's Tabletop Role-Playing Game


This unique take on table top RPGs , set in an alternate 1970's where Richard Nixon allies himself with aliens, and humanity is granted the power of, err... Glam Rock from renegade interstellar deities.

Spirit of 77 uses the Apocalypse World engine created by D. Vincent Baker, like a classic hot-rod we've made a number of modifications to amp up the horsepower. The basic mechanics consist of rolling two six sided dice adding a modifier and then narrating the success or failure.

Easy to pick up for novice role players, and with plenty of options for the experienced, the rules of Spirit of 77 are geared towards encouraging over-the-top, pedal-to-the-metal action. You know the type: leaping cars, swinging from rooftops, blowing up tanker trucks, and punching bigfoot right in his hairy face.


The project has already hit its goals, but further pledges will go to completing stretch goals (at the moment this includes more artwork for the Core rulebook) - $20 gets you the Core rules and Expansion Books as digital PDFs, whilst $25 nets you a physical copy of the Core book.

Boneyard Pets


Following a successful Kickstarter début, this range of 3D-puzzle dinosaur skeletons has taken to Indiegogo for a second run, promising new Dinosaurs in a variety of colours and eco-friendly materials at a range of sizes:

Our designers and crew grew up with hands-on toys. From erector sets to capsella to LEGO, all of our favorite things involved the joy of putting something together. We have been developing a series of designs based on the punch-out balsa wood dinosaur puzzles we had as kids, but updated with bright and exciting materials, intuitive assembly, and a massive increase in scale. The balsa puzzles were a joy to put together, but the final product was always a bit of a letdown- we want to make design objects that are as sturdy and visually interesting as the dinosaurs that inspire them.


Whilst there's a variety of cheaper pledges available ($1, for example, means 32 Square will whisper your name into the ear of one of their Dinos, along with the command that you must never be devoured by them and their brethren), the cheapest pledge at which you can get a Dinosaur, in 1/8" scale, is $50.

Project Vulkira


Act fast if you want in on this one - Designer Eric Smith's colourful vinyl take on Japanese robot toys of the 70's and 80's are going to be a limited run.

I'm very happy and excited that Vulkira™ will be produced by Unbox Industries. If all goes well with this project, I am hoping to produce a 24" vintage jumbo style Vulkira in the future. So your help counts no matter the amount you pledge! But let me not get ahead of myself.

Limited to 300 pieces with a Shogun Warriors colorway, Vulkira will stand 8" and will have 3 points of articulation as well as removable fists and drill and missile launcher attachments.


The first tier of pledges that nets you one of the 8" inch toys will run you $60 - that'll also get you all the rewards from the lower tiers as well.

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