Crowdfund a haunting photo book of Abandoned Space centers and More!

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Beautiful photographs of Space Launch and Research Centers across the US lead our weekly look at all things crowdfunding, but that's not all there is to see - there's Lovecraftian Action Comics, in-depth looks at the final season of Star Trek, and a rad webseries about futuristic video game culture.


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Bar Star City

This short film is from Afrofuturist film maker and writer Ytasha Womack, and revolves around the patrons of a futuristic drinking hole and their interactions with the people around them:

A goddess, a war veteran and the captain of a spaceship meet in a bar...

We've all went to bars and met unique, quirky personalities. But what happens when seemingly ordinary people are quite extraordinary? This film follows several not so ordinary regulars of a bar that's become a home for the galactic and well-traveled. A sci fi film with Afrofuturist themes, Bar Star City looks at love, deception, memory and alienation amongst a group of bar regulars who just want a place to call home.

Think the TV classic Cheers meets Funkadelic's Maggot Brain meets that funny dream you had last night that you decided to keep to yourself.

Although no Backer tier nets you a copy of the film, they do give you opportunities to have access to behind the scenes production updates from as low as a Dollar, and other rewards include posters signed by Womack ($35) as well as an exclusive prequel short story for the film written by her ($50).



This cool video series is set in a near future, where video game tech has gotten so advanced that gamers can teach themselves lethal skills through haptic feedback. Gaming Ninjas!

Maxine is a quiet teenage girl working at a factory that's manufacturing new haptic cable inputs. After she steals one, her favourite rabbit-ninja game gets a whole lot more punishing, with the haptic feedback loop beating skills into her muscle memory.

But it's just a game... until a fellow haphead causes her father's death. Then she starts to apply her new deadly abilities to finding out why.


A mere 10 of your Canadian Dollars can net you a download of all 8 episodes of the webseries, while $25 gets you a HD download as well as digital extras, including an eBook - and $50 pledges get you all that as well as a copy of Overgrowth, a game that won't turn you into a ninja in real life, but features sword-duelling rabbits. Score!

Lovecraft: The Blasphemously Large First Issue


What if Lovecraft's dark world was real? And what if Lovecraft himself was a badass monster fighter as well as a novelist? Both these things are true for this Lovecraftian Action Comic:

Lovecraft is a dirty, gritty story about magick, monsters and the occult. It takes place in a modern-day world where H.P. Lovecraft the writer never existed but where all the horrors he wrote about are real. In this story, the man named Lovecraft is the world's foremost magician and alchemist who maintains a secret library of forbidden knowledge which includes books like the Necronomicon.

Lovecraft is a classic Byronic antihero: "Mad, bad, and dangerous to know." He functions as the semi-reluctant guardian of mankind, one of the few who can traffic with occult forces without becoming (totally) corrupted by them. In his world, magicians are a secret culture within the culture who vie for power and knowledge, leading to feuds and wars that can unleash unspeakable terrors. When they do, Lovecraft is the guy who cleans things up.


$10 nets you a digital copy in both PDF and Comixology-ready formats, while $15 gets you the 48 page issue as a physical comic book.

These Are The Voyages, Volume 3


This archival look back at the making of the original Star Trek covers the show's (much maligned) third season, full of insight and commentary from records left by Rodenberry as well as interviews with the people who were there:

Finally! The long awaited final volume in the definitive account of the making of the original Star Trek TV Series is ready to go to the printer.

After the final edit this hardcover volume is 754 pages long and includes 456 photographs. Author Marc Cushman wants to get the book out this year, and so do many who have already read Season One and Season Two. So we are launching this Kickstarter to get Season Three published this year. And you can get your copy before anyone, as well as get discounted copies of the first two volumes.


A $40 pledge gets you a signed copy of the third book, while cheaper pledges get you digital ($15) or physical ($35) copies of the first two volumes.

Abandoned in Place: Preserving America's Space History


This photo book captures the oddly creepy vistas of abandoned launch and research facilities for space programs across the US:

Abandoned In Place is a photographic exploration of the American space launch and research facilities that played a crucial role in the early period of space exploration. The goals of this project are to preserve and portray these abandoned, deactivated, and repurposed sites through photography that surpasses the official government approach to documentation and to lend historical and artistic insight to the subject.


The majority of backer rewards are for prints from the series, but $100 pledges also get a hardback, signed copy of the full book.

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