Crowdfund a Space Elevator documentary, Robot adventure comics and more

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This week's look at the latest in crowdfunding fun features a comic about two bickering robots on an adventure, but that's not all - there's a crazy fantasy video game that blends elements of Cooking Mama with Avatar: The Last Airbender, documentaries about Space Elevators, and sand. Lots and lots of sand.


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Sky Line: The Space Elevator Documentary

Inspired by the legendary Arthur C. Clarke, a group of Scientists have started the SKY LINE project - a plan to build an elevator that stretches beyond Earth's atmosphere into Space. This documentary takes a look at years of work going into attempting to achieve what seems like an almost impossible piece of science fiction being crafted into reality:

For the past several years, the SKY LINE team has been following the space elevator community as they pursue a seemingly impossible vision. From attending various scientific gatherings, to covering NASA's high-stakes Space Elevator Games, we got to know the major players and watch their successes and struggles, both personal and professional. As we wrap up filming and head into post-production, we're asking for your help with finishing funds, so we can bring this fascinating story to life.

A $25 pledge will give you a digital download copy of the finished Documentary, whilst $50 nets you a physical blu-ray copy, as well as the soundtrack.

Tatooine Sand Watches

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I promised sand, and here it is! The Tunisan and North African deserts that played the homes of Anakin and Luke Skywalker have seen the still-standing Star Wars sets badly damaged over the years by sandstorms - this crowdfunder is helping to restore the sets to their former glory, and rewards you with a unique watch, filled with 'Tatooinian' Sand from the deserts themselves:

This campaign is for our 2015 Limited Edition Tatooine Sand Watches. Each one has a small amount of genuine sand from the film sets in Tunisia, North Africawhere many Star Wars Tatooine sequences were filmed. Our passion is helping fundraise and a portion of the revenues from this campaign will go to help restore the Mos Espa film set in Tunisia which is in danger of being buried by shifting sand dunes. The organization that is spearheading this restoration is

Three years ago, Legendary Time was involved with a similar campaign to assist a remarkable group of enthusiasts restoring the Lars Homestead Igloo. As the photos illustrate, they did a wonderful job.


The fundraiser has hit its target already, but you can still donate and get yourself a watch, with $80 as the minimum pledge for one.

Battle Chef Brigade


Battle Chef Brigade is a gorgeous looking, character action game meets cooking simulator set in a fantastical world of elves, magic and some decidedly Avatar-esque food preparation:

Magic and cooking fit together perfectly in so many ways. Imagine fire knives that slice AND sear, mystical ingredients, and chefs' spells whirling around immaculate dishes.

Cooking in games is always a simple affair, represented entirely by minigame or crafting mechanics. Not so in Battle Chef Brigade. Here, you decide what dishes to make. Each elimination round of the Battle Chef Royale will pit you against an opposing chef in a competition to wow the judges with your tasty dishes and culinary skills and spells.


$15 dollars will get you a DRM-free copy of the game for PC, Mac or Linux OSes, whilst higher tiers offer early access to the game's beta as well as options to have yourself or a creature of your design feature in the game.



This space-faring comic by by Ilya Dvilyanski with art by Manuela Soriani is about two bickering Robots that debate whether a Robot can develop the capacity to be an adventurer - before being thrust into one themselves:

Tin is a story which begins aboard a ship piloted by two robots who constantly debate whether a robot can be an adventurer. Can a maintenance robot be a fully fledged adventurer?

That is until they stumble on an derelict pod containing an unidentified woman. Rob, a janitor robot embraces the chance to be the adventurer that he's always built himself up to be. However the mysterious woman shares a name with someone already onboard the ship. Identity crises notwithstanding, there will be heists, death, self-discovery, and most importantly adventure.


$10 will get you a copy of Tin's first issue as a PDF - $25 gets you a physical copy as well as the digital version.

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