There's awesome comics and a dungeon-diving deck building game in this week's look at the coolest crowdfunding projects around - but that's not all, there's fascinating documentaries about Time Travel and the Public Library System too.

Header Image: The Glacier Preservation Project

Free For All: Inside the Public Library


I've long adored visits to my little local Library - it started a love of reading and an interest in Sci-Fi and fantasy that pretty much got me where I am today. So this celebratory documentary looking at the US Public Library system is pretty awesome:

We're an experienced team of award-winning filmmakers who are passionate about public libraries and their role in our democracy. Many people think of libraries as quaint book repositories growing obsolete in our digital age. We're on a mission to dispel that myth.

The reality is that people are using our local libraries more than ever before. If you haven't been in a library lately, you'll be astonished to discover what's going on inside them. Libraries are providing digital media labs for youth, computer and internet access, literacy programs, job search resources, creative maker-spaces, baby yoga classes, senior technology training, romance book clubs, tools for genealogy buffs, rare databases for scholars, safe spaces for kids after school, and whew, much, much more. At some libraries, you can even check out fishing gear, cake pans, heirloom seeds, power tools, a painting or a laptop, along with the latest bestseller.

A $50 pledge is the earliest tier to grant a digital copy of the Documentary (and it's a limited tier), the rest offer bookmarks, bags, and even a membership to San Fransico Public Library's 'Book Lover' club.

Of Dungeons Deep!


This card game, covered in delightful art, sees you building a deck of RPG party members to delve into Dungeons and fight hosts of monsters:

Of Dungeons Deep! is a fusion of many mechanics and was inspired by such games as Smash Up!, Dungeon Raiders, Cutthroat Caverns, and Friday and is set in an amazingly illustrated world that is whimsical, with just a touch of darkness. Of Dungeons Deep! takes a brave new look at a classic theme, is easy to learn, and employs simultaneous play which equates to almost zero downtime for players!


An oddly specific $29 pledge gives you access to the full game, whilst higher tiers offer promotional buttons and playing mats as well.

A Brief History of Time Travel


Whether you're a fan or not, Time Travel is a staple of Science Fiction media - this documentary looks at the history of Time Travel as a concept, as well as its place in popular culture, featuring interviews from Bill Nye to Tim Schaefer:

Time travel is one of the most contagious ideas in science fiction. In a society where time is a unit of value and instant gratification is prized, the idea of traveling through time offers a means of escape. And our obsession with time travel is growing: in the last decade, it's appeared more than ever in books, movies, and pop culture. What makes time travel so powerful that it resonates in each of us, and to what lengths are we going today to make it a reality?

A Brief History of Time Travel is the biography of an idea, chasing time travel from the ancient Mahabharata to the streets of Los Angeles. For people of all ages and backgrounds, it's an odyssey through the imagination and a discovery of kindred spirits.


$25 gets you a digital download of the documentary, whilst $50 nets you a copy on DVD.

Countdown Until Now Comics Anthology


This anthology of comic books featuring everything from Vikings to Astronaut Rabbits was inspired by a trip to the 2012 Morrison Con:

The past, the present, the future bleed into one singular moment. Genres of every stripe, art styles of every mark. Dimension jumpers, convention attendees, crime fighting crusaders, little Vikings, and, even little old ladies converge into one comic anthology.

In 2012 a group of comic writers, artists, and fans went to an intimate convention in Las Vegas called Morrison Con. Inspired by three days of art, story, and talk of achieving other planes of existence, a small group decided to come together to produce an anthology like no other.


A $5 pledge gets you a PDF of the Anthology, containing 11 stories, whilst $20 gets you a physical version, signed by the creators behind the project.

The Glacier Preservation Project


Only 25 Glaciers remain in the US's Glacier National Park - and scientists estimate even those will be gone completely by 2020 in the current climate. One man wants to preserve them through Photography, to ensure future generations can still see them:

Back when it was just me and my hiking buddy from high school we always wanted to see every glacier in Glacier National Park. There were 36 then. Today we are down to 25! The USGS tells us that my grandkids won't find any left. I wasn't able to visit very many while the kids were young simply because of the difficulty in accessibility. There are less than a handful that are accessible by trail and the rest require lots of trail followed by long steep scrambling up thousands of feet. Not for the faint of heart. All told we estimate we will have put in roughly 600 miles of hiking/scrambling in order to complete our task. Before they are all gone, I want to visit and capture each remaining glacier from an artist's perspective.


$25 will get you a compact artbook containing each Photograph of the remaining glaciers as well as details about them.

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