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Crowdfund stories about Zodiac robots, Star Wars fart jokes and more!

Illustration for article titled Crowdfund stories about Zodiac robots, iStar Wars/i fart jokes and more!

This week's look at all things crowdfunding is jam packed with goodness - with everything from an artbook about Astrologically inspired androids, a fitness app with a post-apocalyptic narrative, and a revival of TV robot combat. Also, fart jokes. Lots of fart jokes.


Header Image credited to The Android's Astrological Companion

Flat Plastic Miniatures


This project by Arcknight has already hit its targets, but it was impossible not include - the very cool idea of cheap, plastic miniatures/tokens fit for any tabletop fantasy RPG characters you need to represent in your adventures:

The Flat Plastic Miniature (FPM) is similar to a cardboard pawn or papercraft mini, except that it's produced on thick transparent plastic. They are artistically pleasing without any white edges and can be used to create a library of miniatures OR supplement the existing miniatures you already have.

Funding now contributes towards reaching the project's stretch goals, including access to more packs of miniatures to expand your library with - a $20 pledge nets you the 'digital collection' to use in online RPG clients as well as PDFs to print your own minis, $25 gets you a single 'pack' of specific physical miniatures, whilst $75 nets you all of them, including any added by stretch goals.

5th Passenger


This creepy Sci-Fi/Horror short movie boasts an impressive cast, featuring the likes of Star Trek alums Tim Russ, Bob Picardo, Martina Sirtis and Manu Intiraymi:

Set in 2151, after the Yellowstone Caldera volcano erupts throwing the Earth into chaos, 5th Passenger tells the story of a secretly pregnant female officer and her four man crew adrift in deep space in an escape pod after their transport ship explodes before reaching the new home planet. They fight amongst themselves as they run low on air, but must work together to find a vicious alien hiding aboard their craft before it kills them all.


$35 nets you access to a digital copy of the finished film, as well as behind the scenes videos, a copy of the script and a PDF of the movie's poster.

Robo Games


Any British kid who grew up at the turn of the 21st century should fondly remember Robot Wars - the amazing BBC/Channel 5 TV show about man-made robots with names like 'Sir Killalot' and 'Crusher' going head to head in arena combat. These intrepid individuals want to bring the format back by covering the Robotics Society of America's Robogames:

This Spring of 2015, we are producing a brand-new show where weaponized robots wage battle in the arena - fighting for glory, bragging rights, and to turn their opponents into little metal scraps. It's all the excitement & carnage that you would expect when mad scientists from around the world enter their robot creations into gladiator combat — two robots enter, but only one robot will exit the arena a winner.


A $20 pledge can get you a ticket to see one of the Robot duels live in San Francisco, but $25 gets you access to every episode of Robo-fuelled mayhem as a digital download.

Apocalypse Survival Training


The motivation to get out there and do some exercise is tough to find sometimes - so why not use this Apocalypse-themed audio adventure to give you the impetus to act like you're running for your life?

AST Season 1 is a progressive full body and mind/body workout set during an apocalyptic alien attack on London. You are dropped in with a dysfunctional group of survivors of the initial assault, who are forced to band together to get through London to try to halt the invasion. It runs over 37 cyclical 30 minute episodes alternating between strength circuits, holistic training and running.

The strength circuits involve the group preparing for their runs through London, and are led by trainer characters, much like a group exercise class.

The holistic sessions are to prepare the group mentally for the dangers ahead. They are led by ex femme fatale secret agent (now grandmother) Beatrice, and challenge your creativity, focus, resilience and intuition as well as your body.


£10 gives you access to the 'Imaginactive' App as well as all of Season One of Apocalypse Survival Training's story.

Star Wars Farts


You may groan as you think 'Crowdfunding has come to this, another half-assed Star Wars parody?', but Star Wars Farts is about highlighting the growing popularity of Remix videos as well as skewering the over-saturation of Star Wars tie-ins and parodies. It just happens to do so through the medium of Fart jokes:

Star Wars Farts is a satire of corporate, cash-in Star Wars parodies and merchandising. We want to call attention to Star Wars parodies becoming a commercial industry used by large companies to make money off of fandom. We'd like to see Star Wars parodies made by fans for fans, not companies that see fans as a demographic for marketing.

After 40 years, Star Wars parodies have been mined out of every non-obvious joke. So a one-hour supercut of Anakin, Obi Wan, and Padme farting is now the only necessary Star Wars parody left to be made to make our point.


$20 nets you a copy of the Fart Joke movie supercut, 30-60 minutes of fart jokes inserted into the 3 Prequels, as well as a preview chapter of 'Dark Farts Rising', the (of course) tie-in novelisation.

The Android's Astrological Companion


This beautiful book is an artbook/anthology hybrid, featuring lovely artwork and sci-fi short series about 12 female androids, inspired by each Zodiac:

Sometimes I think of my paintings as illustrations to stories yet unwritten. We thought it might be a really fun experiment to invite some authors we know and love to write those stories, inspired by the paintings but with no further guidelines. Once the stories came in, we realized to our delight that what we ended up with was a sublimely cohesive shared universe. A universe where android girls pull off heists in interplanetary space fortresses, engage in philosophical musings with zen lions, rebuild their bodies to fight in illegal gladiator rings, hunt down mad copies of themselves on abandoned moons, and wage wars of curiosity.


A $20 pledge gets you both a signed hardcover copy of the book and a digital PDF of it.

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