Cue Shower-Timer Prompts Women To Health-Check For Breast Cancer

Illustration for article titled Cue Shower-Timer Prompts Women To Health-Check For Breast Cancer

As well as letting you keep an environmentally-friendly eye on your time in the shower, Cue from Avie Products is specifically designed to remind women to check their breasts each month. Like those cheapo shower radio designs, it suckers on to the wall of your shower cubicle and then each month, seven days after your period, it'll ping you. It can also cope with reminders for up to four women. So it's pretty basic, but also sounds pretty darn useful in terms of reminding you to check your health: currently it's available for just $25 since it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month—regular pricing is $30. Update: we contacted Avie, and they've confirmed that a less "flowery" version is in the works, to remind men to check for testicular lumps. [Chip Chick via Coolest Gadgets]



If it pings on day 7 after the start of her period, I assume the reset button is hammer, fist and scream resistant.

October IS breast cancer awareness month, so be sure to remind your mother, wife, girlfriend or other to have a mammogram. Remember over 50% of lumps are found by sexual partners, so do your part and examine regularly!