Cyber Mirror On the Wall

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Because everything must come with an operating system now: the Cybertecture Mirror, bathroom glass that shows the weather, your weight, and comes packed with apps aplenty. And it's not a concept! It's just very, very expensive. Reflect on that.

What other goodies are included? 10W speakers! Wi-Fi! Waterproofing! And the all-important fog-resistant glass. As for apps—mirror apps—Cybertecture is showing off an exercise aide that seems perfect for one very specific upper body workout:

Along with something that's touted as "enhanced magic lighting" for when you're applying makeup. Which I assume means you'll need to turn the bathroom light off?

The health feature does actually seem handy; when you weigh yourself, the data is sent both to the mirror (so you can quantify those puffy cheeks) and an account you can access anywhere online.

Then again, there are scales that do this for a lot cheaper. Keep in mind also that this is a proprietary operating system, meaning it's unlikely you'll be playing Angry Birds while you shave.


It's not that I wouldn't welcome any of these features while I'm trying not to look at myself head-on in the morning. But the $7,700 asking price—while probably justified by the amount of engineering required to make a mirror so fancy—reminds me that magic mirrors really do belong in fairy tales. [Cybertecture Mirror via Engadget]