BodyTrace Scale Offers Yet Another Way to Humiliate Yourself Online

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We thought the internet was a haven for fat dudes who liked to look at pretty girls without judgment or ridicule.

But now the BodyTrace scale, $120 this November, wants to publish your weight (via Wi-Fi we assume via GSM, easy!) to their website. You can then share this very personal information, along with a daily food diary and interactive BMI chart, for "friends, family, or co-workers" to better "motivate" you—a public festival of humiliation that will only cost you $20 ever 3 months.


I don't know about you, but I'm just gonna post a shots of my second chin and third testicle to get the punishment out of the way. At least that won't cost me anything as my dignity has long been spent. [BodyTrace via CrunchGear]