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Daily Dubious iPod Rumor: 6G Launching Next Month, Won't Have Touchscreen or OS X

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sources—the best kind, unnamed ones—are telling Think Secret that the next version of the video iPod could hit as early as next month, but won't sport rampantly presumed features like a 16:9 touchscreen or OS X. Rather, it'll keep the same resolution screen (320x240) and run the updated OS we pegged as a pre-iPhone prototype. All of this will be crammed in a new, shorter body with Blackberry-like proportions. We're not buying it beyond the headline.


It's not too hard to swallow there's going to be an iPod update this year. But a new video iPod that doesn't at least pack a widescreen? Moreover, it's already been said by Steve Jobs himself that OS X-based iPods are coming—so isn't more than slightly pointless to develop and launch another, crappier OS in the interim, especially if, according to TS's sources, the OS X-based ones will roll out less than a year later?


Oh, and Blackberry proportions? Not sexy. [Think Secret]