Daisy-Chain This Keychain Solar Battery's Panels For Faster Charges

You can never have too many sources of backup power for your mobile devices. And not only is the compact ClicLite easy to carry around, it also charges itself using the sun's continuously free rays. But what's that you say? That tiny solar panel will take hours to recharge its internal battery? Well then it's a good thing you can increase its sunlight-trapping capacity with extra snap-on panels.

The ClicLite's 500-mAh battery isn't terribly capacious. It's only capable of charging an iPhone up to 20 percent of its full capacity. That's enough for about an hour's use, but that's the price you pay for portability. As long as you keep your keys out in the open, however, you never have to worry about charging it.


With a single solar module the ClicLite needs about ten hours to recharge its battery. Add a couple more and you can reduce that to three hours, and with six daisy-chained modules it takes just an hour. It can of course also be charged over USB if you've got two hours to spare, but no sunlight at your disposal. Available in Germany now for $48 plus $9 for each additional solar module, the ClicLite is looking to expand to the rest of Europe in a few months, and then everywhere else the sun shines in a year or so. [Clicc via Gizmag]

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