Damien Marley Does SWU, Gov Christie Says "Meh", and the World's Most Complicated Bong Smokes Itself

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Damian Marley - SWU 2011

Being a musician and the child of a world-famous musician must be tough. I like to think that's why Ozzie Osbourne's kids are so fucked up—and not just due to the massive cocaine use.



For those of you who have not yet 'shroomed, yes. This is exactly what it's like. Except everything smells like yellow and your skin is melting.


NJ Gov. Christie is ‘not a Fan in General' of Legal Weed

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie weighed in yesterday on a state assembly bill that would decriminalize possession of up to 15 grams (a nug over a half ounce) of weed in the state. "I am not a fan in general of the idea of legalization of marijuana," he said. However, "I'll have to see what the bill looks like if it gets to me," he continued, "I won't prejudge it." Dang, New Jersey might actually beat New York to the punch on legalization. [Weed Porn Daily - Image: Crush]

AutoBong 2011 Hamm Brushland

So wait, where do you stick your mouth? Seriously, this is way too complicated for stoners.

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