Illustration for article titled Dancing Keepon Robot Goes On Sale For Researchers, Cheap Version Soon

Keepon has been robotically dancing his way into our souls for quite a while, though until now he's been pretty much a hand-crafted one-off. But now his creators have started a company—BeatBots—to manufacture clones of the little guy. Keepon Pro will be the first product, weighing in with a hefty price tag of about $30,000, and it'll be aimed at research institutions for the purposes of investigating human-robot interactions. Fret not at that price, though: the company plans to simplify the mechanism and release a version with a cheaper price tag. And if you're wondering what kind of human-robot interactions Keepon can do, click below to see a vid of him in action.

I, for one, can't wait to get my mitts on one. [GetRobo]


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