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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Danger, Will Robinson, You're About to Get Spammed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If your name is Will Robinson, be careful—Netflix will find you. The Lost in Space Twitter account is teasing out the show’s next trailer by spamming hundreds of people who go by the name Will Robinson. Danger, indeed.

The second trailer for Netflix’s Lost in Space is set to arrive tomorrow, but the first hint of what we can expect next is already here. The teaser GIF shows Will Robinson encountering some form of alien creature, with a warning from the famous Robinson robot saying “Danger, Will Robinson.” (Though it looks kind of like the geth to me, and they’re all right.)


Of course, teasers for trailers are nothing new nowadays, but Netflix is taking it to the next level by warning every single Will Robinson they can find on Twitter. They spammed almost 200 people with warnings in less than two hours, and there’s a chance more could be on the way. It’s a funny way to get people interested in your show—but I’ve got to say, if my name was Will Robinson I’d be pretty pissed right now. Well, at least a few of them are taking it in stride!


Lost in Space arrives on Netflix April 13.