Dark Horse's not-actually-action-figures for Game of Thrones have been churning out some great statues - and while this latest not be the most unlikeable toy ever made, or a delightful Hodor, it does come with a mahoosive dragon. So there is that!

This statuette of Daenerys and Drogon will be officially unveiled at Toy Far next month (although it's not really a toy, is it) ahead of a summer release. and it is really rather massive - the pair roughly take up 14" by 18" inches of space with Khaleesi-y, dragony goodness.

Although it is incredibly pretty, we all know a dragon is not so easily bought with gold (or dollars or pounds or whatever currency you use) - and the suggested price for this gigantic piece is a whopping $425. Whoa! That's a lot of moolah for a lot of Dragon.

Although I guess the last guy who tried to buy a dragon didn't do so well, so paying out your nose for a statue of one is probably substantially safer and less likely to turn you into a crispy corpse.


[via Toy News International]

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