Dashboard Widgets For Jailbroken iPhones: Hot or Not?

This work-in-progress Dashboard implementation (seen here running through the SDK) looks like it's coming along nicely; I just can't decide if it's something I'd want. What do you guys think?

It's done by the same guy who brought Leopard's "stacks" feature to your bottom row of icons. It looks like it's running smoothly with a few test widgets, but I'm not sure if I see the appeal when the phone's UI is already fairly widgetized. No single application is ever more than a few swipes and a tap away, so I'm not convinced this is better than simply popping open the notes or the weather app (or in the case of the clock, looking two inches above to the clock that's already running).

Get compatibility for OS X widgets on the iPhone? Now I'm listening. I'm not sure if that's even possible, but I could see that being something I would jailbreak for. [ModMyi Forums]


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