Although it's been four years since David Tennant regularly played The Doctor, his time in the TARDIS will never leave him - especially when it means you get lovely references to his Doctor Who tenure in his other roles, like this Easter Egg from US crime drama Gracepoint.

Update - This post originally acknowledged that Tennant wrote the messages himself - they were created for the set by Gracepoint props master Clayton Flagg. The header and post have been updated to reflect these changes.


In Gracepoint - an American remake of the UK drama Broadchurch, which also he also starred in - Tennant played Detective Carver, one of the lead investigators into the murder of a young boy. Over the course of the series, Carver noted down messages he would receive on his work phone during the case and leave them on his desk, but take a look at who was calling him and you might find a few familiar faces...

Martha, Donna and Rose!

The image was tweeted by Gracepoint producer Chris Chibnall last month, but fans are only recently picking up on it. They're all wonderfully geeky references - Martha is calling about Sally Sparrow (referring to Blink), Donna apparently has information on the Library (from Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead), and Rose is calling for 'something about a wolf', a hint to the 'Bad Wolf' arc her character revolved around in the 2005 series.


All the more feels-inducing? Only Rose's message has the 'Urgent' and 'Wants to See You' boxes ticked. Aaaaw.

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