Deadpool's Latest Meta Joke Is A Playful Swipe At DC Comics

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Deadpool’s relationship with the fourth wall is fast and loose—he’s been having a lot of fun in his current comic, Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, when it comes to having a jab at Marvel’s own history. But a variant cover for his upcoming new series shifts sights from Marvel for lampooning and instead towards DC Comics.

The variant for Deadpool #1, revealed earlier today on, features Deadpool and Rhino about to tussle—before half of their cover is rudely taken over by an obnoxious advert for an energy bar:


Half-page adverts in your comic books? Who would’ve thought to do something like that? Hahahaha...

Oh yeah, DC did.

For all of June, DC made the controversial decision to include—on top of the full page ads that are now typical in physical comic books—a series of half-page adverts promoting Twix chocolate bars on story pages of their comics.


Writers and artists were briefed to create certain pages that could easily be cut in half to fit the adverts in, and suffice to say, not all involved were happy. Batgirl writer Cameron Stewart mocked the decision on Twitter, while the Batman creative team of Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder included a less than subtle dig on the pages of Batman #41 that featured the adverts. Despite the uproar over the initiative, DC Co-Pubilsher Dan Didio hinted that the adverts could make a return to the comics.

It’s all very silly of course, so why wouldn’t a character as goofy as Deadpool get in on the referential fun? It’s prime terrority for him—as well as a way to get a fun little joke in on DC’s behalf.