Death to the Dock Connector Is Imminent, Suggests Apple Job Opening

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Apple has posted on their jobs pages a job opening at Cupertino for a Connector Design Engineer, which only strengthens the growing speculation that the 30-prong dock connector we've all grown accustomed to is on its way out the door.


Rumors of a new iPhone with a smaller dock connector have proliferated recently, with images of alleged prototypes leaking out across the internet. And The job description itself all but confirms the rumor:

The Connector Design Engineer will be responsible for managing multiple connector designs and developments in support of the iPod product lines. Cross-functional development and consulting will be a major part of your daily work. As a Lead Engineer you be responsible for identifying appropriate connection technology requirements for new products and follow through with selection and development of suitable interconnect products. This will often involve adaptation of existing connectors or complete new designs. Interfacing with connector suppliers to direct and implement the necessary design changes or creation of completely new designs will also be a major part of your daily work.


A smaller connector doesn't seem like much of an upgrade, and actually it will be pretty annoying for those of us with a plethora of 30-prongs circulating amongst our devices. Alas. [TechCrunch]