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iLounge Says This Is What the Next iPhone Looks Like

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Do you have your heart set on a 3.5-inch iPhone? Too bad, says iLounge, which claims Apple's next handset will sport a 4-inch display and a metallic body. Let's snort some rumor lines!

As you can see in iLounge's mockup, the purported design will look much like current iMacs—silver aluminum framed by black glass. It looks gorgeous on a desktop, so we don't doubt Apple can replicate the Star Trek chic look on something much smaller. It also makes great practical sense, as it'd make the new iPhones a lot less shatter-prone.


But that screen! That four inch screen! It'd mean an entirely new aspect ratio, with the addition of new pixels at the top and bottom—which would be an adjustment for apps and those who make 'em, as well as us. We're still keen on the 3.5-inch feel, but bigger and bigger is clearly the way the tides are shifting these days. It... might... be... inevitable.


Extra bonus speculation!

  • 20% thinner body
  • Use of tougher Gorilla Glass 2 (fewer broken phones! Still, don't drop yours in a toilet!)
  • A smaller dock connector for some reason! If it's not Thunderbolt this is pointless and infuriating!

Again: iLounge is mum on the origin of these speculated specs, but the people over there tend to be on the less horribly unreliable side of the rumor spectrum. And, more importantly, nothing they're reporting is that nuts—as much as Jobs' coffin will rattle if the company enters the Android screen size arms race. [iLounge]