Defective Nvidia Graphics Cards Confirmed in Desktops

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Really Nvidia, what the hell? After steadfastly arguing that its defective graphics cards were limited to notebooks only—they've even sent me a lovely email or two reiterating that claim—HP has just confirmed that 38 different desktop models are plagued with faulty Nvidia graphics cards. This is on the heels of Apple concluding that MacBook Pros manufactured between May 2007 and last month also pack the fail-prone cards, despite Nvidia's assurance earlier that it was unaffected. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but this is second major contradiction to an earlier Nvidia claim. Nvidia says that there's "no conclusive evidence that the failure mechanism is the same as the notebook issue," but uh, it doesn't look so great, guys. Nvidia really needs to come clean with the score now—exactly which cards are affected, whose computers they're in, everything. Their near total silence on this while individual computer makers cleanup is absolutely ridiculous. [PC Pro via Slashdot]


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Oh great, I hope that my GF 8800 does not explode.