Dell Bundles LoJack Anti-Theft Service With Inspiron Laptops

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The word on the street is that laptops get stolen. A lot. That's why Dell's announcing that customers who buy their Accidental Damage plan (CompleteCare) with their laptops will receive a Computrace LoJack system as well. Bundled with select Inspiron notebooks, this laptop-LoJack allows the company to track down and recover your computer.


Plus, with their Accidental Damage plan, they'll fix all the wear-and-tear incurred when your laptop was stolen as well. Sounds like a good plan if you're always out and about, flaunting your laptop like some kind of hussy.

Press Release [Dell]

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This isn't really news, the software is independent and can be purchased and installed on any laptop.

I bought this same "LoJack For Laptops" program direct from HP as an add-on for my custom-built Compaq, it is total crap. It didn't even come installed with the computer, I had to install it myself, and had to keep fixing it whenever a new XP service-pack or update to my virus protection would come out since they don't play well together. Then you have to visit their website every few days using IE just to "sign-in" or your entire warranty with the company is void. This having to sign-in part especially pissed me off, since they show you a list of all the times that the program makes contact between your computer and their service to report on your ip address, I'd think they could just use those communications to prove that you still have the computer and then send you an e-mail or text-message if you have more than however many days of radio-silence to make sure your software is working right.

And then even if your laptop is stolen, they will only give you a very small amount of money that is continually shrinking relative to how long you've had your laptop - nowhere near its actual value. They claim that they will also try to find your laptop, but offer no statistics about how often they actually track them down - and really it has to make smart business sense for them to just pay out and not even have an investigative department.

In my case this was a totally bogus waste of some $80+ that I didn't bother re-installing the last time I re-formatted my system.