Dell Cans Axim PDA, Nobody Cares

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Huh? Axim? Wha'cha talkin' bout Michael Dell? It has been made official—Dell spokeswoman Anne Camden said that the Axim X51 family is no longer being offered and there are no plans for future devices. For a quick rehash, the Dell Axim X51 is the latest PDA in Dell's Axim line. The X51 is almost two years old and already forgotten about. Maybe Dell should have tried to enter the mobile phone by converting the Axim to a smartphone, but who listens to me for business advice anyway? Regardless, rest in peace Axim.

Dell stops selling Axim handheld []

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Optimistic Prime

This is a real shame, Dell had the best product for the price around. When I bought mine a couple of years ago, it had the same specs as the high end ones, but was $200- $300 less... It still keeps up spec wise with what's out there. I hate to see PDA's disappear as I really don't wasn't a phone too. Usually when something tries to do it all, it does it poorly.