Dell Mini 9 Available for $99 with a Two-Year AT&T Contract

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AT&T and Dell are now working together to offer the Dell Mini 9 for $99 with the purchase of a two-year service agreement that'll cost you $60 a month.

The offer is valid until January 31, and in order to receive the $99 pricing, you have to mail in a $350 Dell rebate. The two-year contract must be a qualifying AT&T LaptopConnect agreement. The subscription is pretty pricey, but its cheaper than the $120 Dell Mini price is still lower than it was a few months ago. [Dell]

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Total ripoff, after 7 months you have already paid more than the netbook costs now. AT&T is ridiculous. Why would I pay $60 a month, for a netbook internet service. My monthly cable internet, which I get wi-fi from doesn't even cost that much.