Dell on Apple's Environmental Ads: 'We Wish Apple Would Be More Bold in Making a Difference Rather than Making Ads'

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In a blog post, Dell VP Bob Pearson outlines his views on Apple's environmentally-focused MacBook ads, and dismisses Apple's claims as rhetoric rather than action. He also blasts Apple for their lack of transparency.


Referring to this ad, Pearson throws down the gauntlet on Apple's commitment to the environment. He says Apple has not participated in discussions on environmentally-friendly electronics manufacturing, and that "Apple employees are not allowed to blog," which is sort of true but not very relevant. He also claims that Apple's boasting of "the world's greenest laptop" are without backing information, and that Dell's laptops demonstrate a greater commitment to the environment than Apple's. And lastly, he mentions Dell's recycling program, their carbon-neutral construction, and reduction of packaging, and questions whether Apple has achieved any of these goals.

This kind of back-and-forth is fun for us, but Pearson's claims are as limited and flawed as any fault he finds with Apple's television spots. First, Apple is not a particularly transparent company, but have been fairly open about their environmental developments and achievements, as seen here. Apple also has reduced packaging, which Pearson ignores, and Dell was not able to fulfill its stated goal of eliminating all PVC plastic and brominated flame retardants as promised. However, Dell's universal recycling program is far ahead of Apple's, so he makes a valid point there.


Dell and Apple are both making strides toward environmental responsibility, and we don't want to discourage them from competing on that front, however childish the arguments might be. But Pearson's post is full of the same kind of empty rhetoric of which he accuses Apple. My advice? Take the high road, Dell. Focus on what you do right, not what others do wrong. [Dell via TUAW]

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I think Apple's hardcore fans are more to blame for Apple's environmental unfriendliness than Apple itself. They are the ones who HAVE to have the latest laptop/iPod/iPhone. And despite thinking they aren't being wasteful because they sell or give their old device to someone else, the end result is someone throwing their device away prematurely. And doooooon't pretend this doesn't happen. A lot.

Regardless, I think corporate eco-friendliness is a gimmick to self-indulgent morons who think buying more shit will save the planet. Both Apple and Dell have been slipping in the QC department and should focus on that rather than pretending either of them is a Godsend to nature.