Dell Smartphone in 2008?!

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In an already interesting article chronicling the last 10 months of the second coming of Michael Dell at his namesake, Forbes mentions two more interesting upcoming products: A suicide chip for stolen laptops that remotely nukes the hard drive, and a smartphone coproduced with Quanta—led on Dell's end by one of the RAZR's daddies, Ron Garriques—that has "video, an MP3 player and internet access and [will] be unleashed on the world early next year."

It's a little off the initial release projection—nowish—but Forbes' tidbit indicates the rumored project's still alive and in the oven. Obviously, it remains mostly a blank slate of speculation—what's the OS going to be? Still WinMo6 or will Dell mix it up? Will it have a touchscreen, QWERTY or both? The list goes on. One thing's for sure, it'll be a certifiable test of the new design chops Michael Dell's been pushing so hard, which we hope are up to the task since there's nothing worse than a poorly designed smartphone. What do you think should go into a Dell smartphone? [Forbes]

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The suicide chip for stolen laptops sounds good, but I fear a lot of abuse by bitter former employees remotely killing the bosses laptop. Yes, while this is unethical, it happens every day.