Dell Sponsoring a Green Computing Design Competition

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Dell's decided it wants to get in on the going green movement, but rather than rely solely on their own innovative talents (which they're not exactly known for) to whip up hot green products they're asking design students and others to come up with green design concepts "that demonstrate refreshed approaches and responsible solutions for green computing technologies" to spark dialogue on the issue. The contest, dubbed ReGeneration, officially kicked off a couple of days ago, and they're handing out pretty decent chunks of coin for finalists.

The top five finalists net 10 grand each, the people's vote finalist will pull in $15k, and 40 design educator awards worth $2,000 each are being given to professors with at least two separate student projects entered. Overall, it sounds like a great idea—green is good, and hopefully Dell will pull put (more) money where its mouth is and put the concepts into practice/production. [ReGenerationa via core77]