Dell's New 30-Inch 3008WFP LCD Loaded With DisplayPort, Dual DVI and HDMI

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Succeeding the 3007WFP, Dell's latest 30-inch deskbuster LCD, the 3008WFP, packs the much-ballyhooed DisplayPort input with its visual-cortex-pleasing 2560x1600 resolution support and 10.8Gbps data rate. (Samsung was actually first out of the gate with its DisplayPort-sporting 30-incher back in July.)


The 3008WFP's more pedestrian inputs are a pair of DVI ports, HDMI, component vid, S-Video, composite, and VGA. No word on what other specs got bumped (contrast ratio, etc.) vs. its now lesser predecessor or a street date, but our eyes drip with anticipation while we look for enough stuff to plug into it. [The Inquirer Thanks, John!]



No, thats Dual-Link DVI you're thinking of. In order to get a resolution above 1900x1200 via DVI, that DVI needs to be a dual-link DVI connection. This connection uses all the various pins in that connector to get the job done. You have to look and make sure your video card supports it. Mine did not, even though it was a newer card, so when I got the Dell 3007-HC, I had to then go out an buy a new card as I was stuck at 1900x1200.

What sucks is I wanted to buy a mac mini to try out Leopard, but those can't even do 1900x1200 via single-link, much less ANY dual-link. Excuse me if I don't want to fork the cash for a Mac Pro. They need a Mac line that is like the mini, but has the exact guts of the iMac.

On a side note, Apple's cinema displays do not support HDCP. These dells do, but there is a question to if they do via dual-link, or if when you play a blu-ray or HD-DVD when the copy protection kicks in it throws the monitor back to the single-link max of 1900x1200. I haven't tried, don't have the drives, and I think XP doesn't make you have HDCP on, only vista. Not sure about OSX.