Designer Tees Repel Mosquitoes While Keeping You En Vogue

The next time you hit the great outdoors, you don't have to worry about packing enough bug spray to stave off mosquitoes as long as your pack is filled with these insect-repelling stylish shirts from 6 Legged Tees.

The shirts are treated with a special process that binds an insect-repelling chemical called permethrin to their fibers. So instead of having to spray or smear a smelly concoction all over your body to keep bugs at bay, you can just slip on one of these tees. The treatment lasts for up to 70 washings, so you should get plenty of use out of each shirt, which are sized for kids and adults and come in a variety of prints.


The only catch is that at the moment the tees are still seeking additional funding on Kickstarter to become a reality. But with a pledge of just $35 you can guarantee yourself an adult-sized one once they're available. Because this is just too awesome an idea not to become a success. [6 Legged Tees via Gear Culture]

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