Dextre Installs a New Camera on the Canadarm, Poses for a Selfie

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On Friday, Dextre and the Canadarm became the first self-repairing robotic system in orbit, swapping a fuzzy video camera from the arm's elbow to base. Today, Dextre retrieved a shiny new camera and slotted it into place, successfully completing the repair.

The first photo taken by the new camera installed on the Canadarm's elbow, a selfie of the arm backdropped by the Earth.


The Canadian Space Agency asks, "You give a robot a new camera to play with and what's the first thing it does?" Takes a selfie, of course! To celebrate the completion of the first-ever robotic self-repair in orbit, first the Canadarm took a selfie with its new camera, then Dextre paused to take one with his own camera. Although of all the photos for the day, my favourite was of Dextre striking a pose on the end of a bent arm, a white robot on a black backdrop.


Dextre posing at the end of the Canadarm partway through repairs.


Dextre grips the component with a specially-designed gripping hand.