Diagnose Sleep Problems With The Sleep Aid iPhone App

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Chances are, you know a heavy snorer. Hell, you might be one yourself. In which case, I'd recommend you spend the $2.99 on the Sleep Aid app, which could detect whether you suffer from a breathing problem.

Now, I'm not a snorer (I hope) but growing up with a Dad who suffers from sleep apnea, which causes heavy snoring due to a lack of oxygen, I had many sleepless nights listening to the rumbles from three rooms away. My poor Mum, having to put up with that. If his sleep apnea had been detected much earlier, something could've been done about it before he drove us all insane with his snoring.

A Finnish company by the name of Remote Analysis Ltd has come up with a very affordable way to analyze breathing patterns when sleeping. It actually records the user's snoring, and stores them each night to compare them in a graph, to see if there are any major changes in the cycles. It also contains examples of what people suffering from sleep apnea sound like when they're sleeping, so you can compare your own against the case studies. With any luck, you'll be fine, but do remember that diagnosis of one problem often leads to weeks of endless hypochondria as you search Wikipedia for the cure. [GizMag]

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Wait till you guys hear this. My gf snores when she sleeps. Sometimes she snores and it wakes her up from sleep. She will panic and say she thought she heard something downstairs and wants me to check on it. Sometimes she will accuse me of making noises and waking her up. The nerve!