Did psychic assassins kill these four Turkish defense contractors?

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Four mysterious suicides are now being investigated as possible murders using telepathy, according to a report prepared for the Turkish prime minister. Over several months in 2006 and 2007, four engineers working for the defense contractor Aselsan killed themselves under strange circumstances. Has mind control finally been weaponized?


Neuropsychologist Nevzat Tarhan writes in the government's Inspection Board report that telepathy from a secret defense project may have driven the four men to commit suicide.

The victims—Hüseyin Başbilen, Halim Ünsem Ünal, Evrim Yançeken and Burhaneddin Volkan—had been suffering extreme headaches and depression immediately before their deaths, and each of the four had sought counseling from a psychologist shortly before death. But the men's lives did not suggest suicidal personalities.

The Turkish newspaper Today's Szamen reports:

Hüseyin Başbilen (31), a cryptology expert, was found dead in his car, with his throat and wrist cut, in Ankara on August 2006. Authorities announced that Başbilen, who had been married for two months, had committed suicide. Six months after Başbilen's death, Halim Ünsem Ünal, 29, was found dead, shot in the head by a pistol belonging to his father, in his car. The death of Ünal, who was to be married in three days, was also recorded as suicide.

Only eight days after Ünal's death, another electrical engineer, Evrim Yançeken (26), lost his life, falling from the balcony of the apartment in which he was living with his parents in Ankara. About ten months later, Burhanettin Volkan, a software engineer, apparently committed suicide on October 9, 2007, with his own gun while on guard duty as part of military service. Volkan, who had started to receive psychological treatment before being enlisted, was married during his military service. He died only 40 days after being married.

The case has now gone to the Ankara Chief Prosecutor's Office. The focus will be on an alleged secret program that used focused telepathy to cause depression and finally suicide in its targets.