Did You Buy a New iPhone Today?

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Though it didn't seem like it if you were hanging out at the mall or watching the local news or perusing tech websites, the truth is most of the world did not buy a new iPhone today. But a few of you did! Probably more than a few! Did you get in the trenches at an Apple Store? Scamper out to your carrier's money laundering outlet? Peacefully order online? Curse at your iPhone 5 for not having a fingerprint scanner and not giving you an upgrade or just laugh and count sheep from afar with an HTC One in hand?


Which iPhone did you buy? 5C or 5S? Colors? What's your first impression?

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Bought a 16GB 5S (slate gray) at the local Verizon store in the North Bay Area. Traded a 32GB 4s, they gave $210 in trade for it so OTD price was only $76 with a 2-year re-up. Got to the store at 7:50, there were 18 people in line. Got in store at 8:18, had about a 15 minute wait, was out of the store with my new 5S at 8:55.

Haven't experimented with it too much yet but initial reaction is that it's *much* faster than my 4S (duh), which was fast enough for me. Dislike: Super slippery with no case. Ordered an Otterbox Commuter on Amazon which will be here Monday. I'll play with it more then as the fear of dropping the first day it makes me cringe.

Overall, much less of an ordeal than I expected to get it, though I was happy to be in front of the guy behind me who was there to buy two 5S's and two 5C's!