Dinosaurs Can Roam the Earth Again With Righteous Tricera Hi-Top Shoes

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The news has been rough this week, but you can have faith that some things are still going right because someone has invented a pair of dinosaur sneakers called Tricera Hi-Tops. They're about as close as we can get to bringing dinos back from extinction. Also they're super cool.

Dinosaurs have long been gone from this earth for millions and millions of years, but dino sneakers are a new species entirely. They're a Kickstarter—so caution is wise—but it's one we can really get behind. Pledge a hundred bucks and a pair is (promised to be) yours by October of this year.

The makers claim these kicks are comfortable and breathable, but they're not exactly meant for athletic activity, so you're not going to be dunking on anyone in them like you would in your Jordans. But they're wearables we can get behind 100 percent. [Tricera Hi-Tops]