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Diplo feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex: Set It Off

An exciting thing happened in the world of dinosaur bones this week: News broke that a rare Diplodocus longus skeleton will go to the auction block next month. This must have thrilled everybody's favorite beat jockey, Diplo, who took his name from the dinosaur.


You see, Diplo (née Thomas Wesley Pentz) was fascinated with dinosaurs as a child. And it's easy to understand why he gravitated towards the Diplodocus well into adulthood: These massive sauropods grew to be nearly 200 feet long and weighed nearly 20 tons. "Misty," the Diplodocus going up for sale in the United Kingdom on November 27, hails from the state of Wyoming and is expected to fetch $640,000 to $960,000.

That's a sum that Diplo, one of the world's highest paying DJs, can actually afford—though, obviously, it's unclear if he's even in the market. For now, let's celebrate Misty's arrival with one of Diplo's more colossal tracks,

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I don't hate his Adam.