Discovery 1000 Personal Submarine Dives to 1000 Feet

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We're developing a major submarine fetish around here, and there's no shortage of objects after which we can lust. Here's one more, the Discovery 1000 from US Subs, a serious underwater yacht that can dive to 1000 feet. This one's good for overnight adventure, where you can stay underwater for up to 28 hours and cruise with a range of 56 nautical miles.

It's available in a few different sizes, accommodating from two to 10 people on board, and it resembles a private jet inside with its luxo-sport furnishings. It's easy to steer the thing, too—it's similar to a video game with its joystick control and animated touchscreen display. These subs were designed for launching off uber-yachts, but they can also cast off from the shore, too.


US Subs New Discovery 1000 Submarine [Bornrich]

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