Ditch Your Wallet for an iPhone Case

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Sometimes you just don't want to cart a bunch of crap around. That's why iPhone cases like this one from Case Mate come in handy—they let you slip your plastic discreetly into the back.


It's got enough room for two cards, whether that's your Visa and your driver's license or your library card and your MetroCard, or whatever. It won't obstruct your access to your headphone jack, 30-pin dock, volume control, etc. It comes in black, silver, and pink, and it will cost you $35. For me, it means ditching my purse, which I can't argue with. Now if only someone would make a case capable of holding apartment keys, too. [Case Mate via Real Simple]

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My cousin will enjoy the camera blocking feature. She still covers here laptop camera with a trimmed post-it note to keep it from spying on her.