Divers capture amazing dolphin-rescue on video

If this video of interspecies collaboration doesn't warm your heart, you probably don't have a heart. When a dolphin gets caught on a fishing hook, it seeks out this group of human divers for help, resulting in a remarkable display of trust, intelligence and cooperation - from both species.


Via Americablog:

It turns out that the dolphin had fishing line and a hook stuck on one of its fins, so it approached a group of divers who were watching manta rays at night near Kona, Hawaii. Fortunately one of the professional divers was able to help remove some of the fishing line that was restricting the movement of the dolphin, though in the end they were unable to remove the hook.

Untangling begins around the 3:30 mark, but the whole video is worth watching.

Watching videos like this, it's easy to understand why many scientists maintain that animals — and marine mammals like dolphins and whales, especially — possess conscious awareness, just like humans. How someone can sit through this footage and not recognize the need for a serious discussion about cetacean rights is mind boggling.


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That's truly amazing. And very startling behaviour from the dolphin, the poor thing. I hope it feels better.

On a selfish note, I'm endlessly jealous of people who don't have to dress in hundreds of layers of thermals and drysuits to go diving. If a dolphin did that to me I'd have considerable trouble having the dexterity to do that in my 5ml gloves.