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Looking at this DIY 60-foot slip 'n' slide both terrifies and excites me. Apparently the secret to building it was waiting until the home owners were out of town and then following these somewhat confusing instructions:

The slide is made of eight strips of plywood (2 foot by 8 foot). Underneath the slide 3 rows of 1" conduit run the length of the slide—this gives the slide elasticity and prevents the wood from cracking. about 80 L-brackets hold the guard rails on which there are just strips of paneling. Two steel cables hold the slide to the house—they're connected to the windowsill and where the back of the slide meets the lower roof. A blue tarp is stapled to the surface and a garden hose is tied to the top to supply a constant stream of water. about every 4 ft there is some sort of a support structure - 2 by 4s, the van, the roof, big rocks, etc. the ramp needs extra support, we piled a ton of rocks underneath it. it's also very important that the slide is level all the way down and won't lean to the side if weight is put on it.


No word on how to explain such a home improvement project to your home owners association. [YouTube via Spluch via Gizmodo]

I don't know how they did it, but at some point the Craig children talked their parents into building a slide inside their home. This is one of the work-in-progress photos, but you can check out plenty of pictures of the project on the family's site. [Craig Caboodle via Gizmodo]


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