DIY Pong Clock, Good Idea, Poor Execution

We've been hyping the Pong Clock since last year, when we first heard word of it. Nine months later they finally shipped and we will have to admit that is pretty disappointing. The manufactured Pong Clock is tiny, and costs nearly $300.

Somebody else out there shared our same feelings and created a little DIY pong clock. The interface looks identical to the manufactured model, but the outer casing is a bit more ugly. The clock was made out of an old Dell Inspiron 7500 and a LOT of duct tape. It looks fairly functional—after it boots up, of course—but I wouldn't dare hang something that ugly on my walls. Craftsmanship, anyone?


Home-Built Pong Laptop Clock [Techeblog]

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That is the most pathetic mod I have EVER seen. That guy just snapped the screen off an old dell and duct-taped it to the laptop in a different position. I'm pretty sure that the ping clock software is just a script to launch the official pong clock screensaver available on the manufacturer's website, at (their site design prevents me from linking directly.)