DJ Hero to Get Obnoxiously Large 'Renegade Edition' Peripherals

The duo of Guitar Hero and Rock Band has already ruined my living room. And as fun as it may be, I simply don't have the space for DJ Hero's newly announced Renegade Edition.

This special edition bundle not only comes with a JAY-Z and EMINEM 2-CD bonus, but a higher quality turntable with metal controls. And telescoping legs. And a big ass case to carry and store it all.


With the standard edition of DJ Hero retailing $120 on its own, it's not hard to imagine all this extra junk assisting the Renegade Edition in breaking the $200 barrier. And while I guess that hardcore fans may look at the supersized peripherals as monuments to their passion, most of us at Giz are sick of tripping over a series of controllers that work for one game—especially when all the controllers really do is help justify a single video game costing as much as the console it's playing on.

See more shots at: [Kotaku]

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