DLO's HomeDock HD Supposedly Brings HD Fun for Your iPod

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DLO claims their new HomeDock HD will allow iPods to hook up to HDTVs, upconverting video output to 1080i or 720p via an HDMI connection. The unit will retain support for analog TVs by incorporating an S-Video connection. The HomeDock HD also promises optical digital outputs that will provide "a completely digital iPod experience."


The dock will ship in Spring 2008, and will retail at $249.99. Unfortunately, we are not so sure the high definition promises mean an awful lot. In the absence of a noteworthy scaler within the unit, the HomeDock HD really does not have an awful lot to brag about. Most HDTVs will be able to upconvert natively, and considering the price of the unit, we doubt the scaler implemented will be packing an awful lot more brawn than is commonplace in an HDTV unit. This is hardly the first time we have been in HD iPod territory; the XDock HD and the iRIS dock both promise the same, but we have yet to see any high definition content coming from our iPod. We shall wait in our cynical little rooms. Hey, it does have an RF remote that will function from up to 100 feet away, as well as "through walls." Think of the prank potential. [DLO]

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Well - you could always waste your money and purchase an Apple Universal Dock plus purchase the cables! The Apple Universal does not recharge the iPod (this has been noted more than once on Apple's support forum) and the ONLY video output you get is from any Video you may have on your iPod. Forget Coverflow and the Universal remote does not use menu button! So please don't purchase the Apple Universal Dock unless you want to be disappointed.