Do You Love Pokémon Enough to Spend $20,000 on a Pikachu Watch?

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Watchmaker Romain Jerome has created some truly unique timepieces over the years featuring actual pieces of the Titanic, authentic moon dust, and even steel from the Statue of Liberty. But we’re having a hard time finding a way to justify the $20,000 price tag on this RJ X Pokémon watch.

The watch has some nice engraved details, your choice of a yellow or black vulcanized rubber strap (or leather if you want to get real fancy), and an exuberant Pikachu hand-painted in yellow enamel on the face—but that’s about it.

Watch aficionados will appreciate the genuine Swiss-made movement inside the RJ X Pokémon, but it’s doubtful any of them would choose this fine example of Swiss watchmaking over more subtle options. And the average Pokémon Go player probably doesn’t have 20K to blow on a watch. So who exactly will be buying the 20 limited edition pieces Romain Jerome plans to make? Catching Pokémon hasn’t make anyone a millionaire yet.


[Romain Jerome via Chip Chick]

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Fuck NO! Romain Jerome is to watches what Christian Audigier was to clothes, or Mansory is to cars...

Btw, can anyone please tell me why i can’t post in safari, only from Chrome, publish-button does nothing when using safari...