Do You Still Write Checks?

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Between direct deposit, online banking transfers, PayPal, and all manner of other mobile money movers, writing an old fashioned paper check seems to be dated to the point of redundancy.


Sure, mobile bank apps from Chase and Bank of America have made it super easy to deposit checks using your smartphone's camera. But the same bank have made it just as easy to transfer funds securely (more securely than through the mail!) over the Internet.

Why bother?

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why bother? please tell this to my landlady of 16+ years, who refuses to consider any sort of payment other than a check in the mail. and then she sits on it for 3+ weeks (must be nice).

i've also learned the hard way that certain STUPID businesses (hello LabCorp!, hello Dr. F!) will routinely double-ding you if you let them get anywhere near a VISA account number.