The Master has always been one of Doctor Who’s most manic, dastardly villains—and her current incarnation as Missy, played by the fabulous Michelle Gomez, is no exception. Now she’s getting some pretty nifty action figures, that mania is getting transferred to plastic... and honestly, it looks kind of petrifying.

The figures were unveiled late yesterday by Doctor Who figure maker Character Options, as special releases in their 5.5”-scaled toy line (one largely aimed at collectors while the bulk of the figures release in the smaller 3.75” scale, with varying degrees of success). But now that the Twelfth Doctor has his own figure in the scale, he needs a baddy to go up against... or two. Two of the same baddie, perhaps. Enter Missy!


The two Missy action figures are based on her appearances throughout the eighth season of the show: the hatted, purple-coated version on her appearance in the finale episodes “Dark Water/Death In Heaven”, and the (quite frankly PETRIFYING) “smiling” Missy, based on her cameos throughout the run of episodes as she welcomed deceased characters to her mysterious heavenly abode.

They both come with the same accessories, an Umbrella and the catch all comlink/laser gun/device Missy uses to occasionally disintegrate people, and the heads on each figure will be swappable, so you can put the scary as hell smiling face on the purple suit if you want. It’s got a lot of personality to it (rare considering most action figures end up being “neutral” faces), but hoo boy is it a bit creepy.


If you want a Missy of your own though, it’s going to be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re in the US. The figures are being released in strictly limited runs of 4,000 per variant, and are only available online from Character’s UK website at £20 (around $30) each—and while they do ship internationally, it’s at a pretty hefty tag, even more than the figure itself. So if you’re a US-based Who fan yearning for a Missy figure without paying a ton of money for it, you might be out on your luck.

If you do want one though, the Missy figures are available for order now, and will arrive in November. Order quickly, or the Missy figure will smile at you scarily until you do so!


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