Doctor Who's Next Doctor Is Finally Being Unveiled This Sunday

Image: BBC
Image: BBC

It’s been 165 days since we heard that Peter Capaldi’s time on Doctor Who was up. Now, we finally know that it’s going to be just a few short days until we meet his successor.


The BBC has just announced that this Sunday, July 16, after the men’s Wimbledon final has aired on BBC One (they couldn’t have made this more thoroughly British if they’d tried, really), the identity of the 13th Doctor will be revealed. Here’s a needlessly dramatic trailer announcing the news.

It’s been a long road—one of the longest in Doctor Who casting history—to learning the identity of the next Doctor, although that’s not stopped months of wild rumor mongering, and names as varied as Tilda Swinton and Kris Marshall being thrown in the hat for the next Time Lord. Now it’s just going to be a few more days until we see if any of those rumors will play out, or if our next Doctor is an entirely new face.

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Ben Grimm

So, if I’m following this correctly, it’s whoever wins Wimbledon, then?