DOJ Apple Investigation Branches Out Beyond Music

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Double uh oh. That Justice Department investigation into Apple's music practices? It got a bit broader, with word out this weekend that the DOJ is concerned about more than just digital music. Film too? Sure, why not.


At least, that's the rumor. While we know some concrete stuff (but not a lot) about the music investigation, the movie portion is even more murky.

What we do know is that an anonymous source in the New York Post is talking up a storm about how the DOJ is now talking to movie executives in Hollywood, much as they have been doing in the music industry already.

As is the case with music, this movie investigation is also in the "fact finding" stages. There are no formal charges pending at this time. [NYP via CNET]



I think it is good that the DOJ is looking into Apple's practices, not because I assume they are guilty of anything, but because any time a company gets a very large percentage of a given market, they should be investigated to ensure that everything is above the board.

If Apple does come out of this squeaky clean, then consumers can be more confident in Apple's services, knowing they rose to their dominant position through legal means. The unfortunate part of this investigation is that it will take a long time, and the results, when released, will no longer represent the state Apple will be in at the time, rather they will represent Apple's state 'x' period of time earlier.